Tarifa, Spain

Health Optimisation Europe. May 2020.
3 Day Adalucian Reset

Tarifa is situated at the southern most tip of Europe. A village set, some say at the gates of Hercules. It’s the doorway to the mediterranean sea. It’s where the Atlantic stops and flows in and under to fill and enrich the sea where civilisation blossomed. It’s where one continent ends and another rises.

Tarifa itself is a village set between the ocean and sea, where the mountains reach down to the beach, where two major tectonic plates rub. On the dunes you can sit and gaze out to Africa and wonder the same thoughts as mankind did millennia ago. It’s the narrow passage where the birds fly south and then pass through again on their way back. It’s energy is healing, it’s like no other.

You will discover this windy world, be touched by the elements and learn about longevity, life and simply feeling great!

From the hills you can see Tarifa and Africa Beyond