A Health for Success Immersion for an Unlimited Life.

World class trainers and wellness experts in World Class locations, where you’ll experience see and feel the difference, not just hear about it. This is about real life and feeling great! Welcome to the rest of your life.


No point in learning the benefits of sunrise when your sky is grey. You learn the ways of health from around the world so you can choose what’s right for you wherever you are.

UEA – Desert wisdoms via Dubai : Mediterranean – the diet and lifestyle of longevity : Iceland – the wonders of cold water immersions and hot mineral baths.

What you’ll get…

Your health in your control. A health optimising immersion where you’ll eat, live and learn what’s best for your health – your future biological and mental success.
Look forward to tailored anti-aging, longevity and optimal living applications. Not on a screen, but in real life, in unique locations.
Living the dream of peak health and resilience.

Optimal Performance has usually one of two routes to success; physiological or mental. The truth is, in order to achieve peak performance you must know how to combine both.

The immersive experience of Health for Success combines both. It’s a full solution encompassing the wisdom of the environment where each event takes place; at the actual tectonic edge of Europe in Tarifa, Southern Spain; the desert survival of the UAE and swimming by fire and ice in the mineral lakes of Iceland.

Health for Success Iceland

In each, you are introduced to the latest scientific, peak performance initiatives for executive health. The cutting edge practices that high achievers may have heard about, but are perhaps unsure what’s right for them, their life or their way forward.

In what are usually three day immersions, you will understand by experience. You will be introduced to a bio individual prescription for your edge going forward and you will come away feeling life is clearer and can be lived with ease, optimally.

These immersions are limited in number. They include private consultations for your particular demands. They can also be tailored or extended to highlighting your area of interest such as burnout, insomnia, gut health, stress, immunity building, muscle strength, aching joints, energy loss or mind fog to sharpening focus. We’ll take your demands and adapt the experience for your best outcome.

You wont just be listening to a load of experts telling you what you “should” be doing, you be doing it (and we’ll be right there doing it with you) so you can feel and see the difference.

Accompanying you at all times will be the Health for Success optimal living experts. Fiona Austin, a high profile corporate consultant in psychological and physiological perspectives and Sam Guest a highly accredited peak performance expert in the realm of biology, fitness and extreme sports. On each experience we will also be joined by speakers of a high caliber depending on the demands of each unique group.

This is a jumpstart on longevity and living without limits. It’s for those who seek to not only add years to their life but life to their years. It’s about not just living your best life – but experiencing it.

No Limits